How do you write an imperative sentence

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Complete Sentence

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Draw two lines under each sentence that shows strong feeling. you write a compound sentence. This is a zoo, but animals are not in cages. We can visit the new zoo, or we can go to the planetarium. Some keepers feed the zoo. An imperative sentence gives a command, gives instructions, or makes a request.

It often ends in a period, and occasionally it will end in an exclamation point if the command is very strong. What is an Interrogative Sentence? Definition, Examples of Interrogatives. Home» The Writer’s Dictionary» What is an Interrogative Sentence? Definition, Examples of Interrogatives.

Interrogative sentence definition: Imperative Sentences. What is an imperative sentence? Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences Questions including "In the English language what do you call a sentence that is difficult to pronounce when said quickly" and "What is exclamatory sentences".

An imperative sentence is a sentence which is used to give orders, advice, instructions, requests and commands. An exclamation mark (!) is used at the end of this sentence when there is a strong force to the expression, but for the other ‘not so strong expressions’ a full stop .) is used.

An imperative sentence gives a command.

Imperative Sentence Examples

It usually ends with a period, but it may also end with an exclamation point (!). Commands ask or tell people to do something.

How do you write an imperative sentence
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