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6 things you need to know before visiting Kenya for the first time

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Sarahah App in Kenya: Everything You Need to Know

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The main language spoken is Swahili. You won’t need to know much Swahili to get around, English is well spoken throughout Nairobi. That said, thank you “Asante Sana” always makes the locals smile.

CURRENCY. Kenyan Shillings and US dollars will get you around here.

10 Things I Want People to Know About Kenya

In East Africa, you need to carry more than one currency. Read on for the lowdown on a perfect Kenya travel guide with all top places and some classic itineraries to get you started.

10 Things I Want People to Know About Kenya. And then there is the migration, although I see that more as the moving, bleating, crazy brochure for Kenya that doesn't need much announcement. Kenya is not landlocked because the Indian Ocean borders Kenya to its right.

Kenya is in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. Some major landforms in Kenya include the Kenyan Highlands, Mt. Kenya, the Great Rift Valley, Mau Escarpment, and Mt. Marsabit. Safaribet Kenya Review Safaribet is an online sports betting company licensed in Kenya owned by Safaribet Limited.

Safaribet is one of the biggest bookies on African market and on its platform you can bet on pre-matches, as well the company. Everything You Need To Know About Kenya’s Presidential Jet “Harambee One” (Photos).

Everything you need know kenya
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