Can you write a check over to someone else

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Is it Against the Law to Sign Someone Else's Check With Their Permission?

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When you owe someone money and write them a check, they usually cash it by taking it to their bank. If you want to deposit money in someone else's account, you can still write the check but take it to the bank yourself, cutting out the middleman.

Lack of knowledge that check would not be honored (for example, the maker of the check did not know that someone else had withdrawn funds from the account); and Good character of defendant.

How to Put Money in Someone Else's Bank Account

8. WHAT STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN TO INSURE A BAD CHECK CAN BE COLLECTED? in some instances, additional damages. Civil damages for writing. Dec 17,  · Best Answer: Yes. he can write "pay to the order of (your name)" on the back, under his signature. Then you sign it under that, as if the check was written to you.

You can deposit it into your Resolved. If you intend to endorse a check over to another company, this problem can be avoided by making a special endorsement on the check. To make a special endorsement, print the words "Pay to the order of" on the back of the check and insert the name of the company that will be receiving the check.

Can you write a check over to someone else
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