Acid free tissue paper roll

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Rolling paper

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Acid-Free Tissue Paper Unbuffered Roll

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QUALITY Acid Free Archival Tissue Paper

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Look for fade-resistant, acid-free art paper for designing a variety of art and craft projects, as well as disposable fabric sheets that can be folded, glued, sewn, stapled, painted on or drawn on, making them a great alternative to paper and cloth.

These acid free tissue papers can be obtained as flat pieces 32" x 40" or on rolls 3’-5’ wide x ' long.


A roll of paper is economical and easier to store than flat sheets if a quantity of textiles needs to be packed for storage. Tissue paper has a multitude of uses from wrapping, packing and a multitude of crafts or gifts. Many retailers choose to use eye catching colours such as red, orange or pink tissue paper to wrap and pack a host of items from clothing to crockery and homewares.

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Acid free tissue paper roll
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Museum Conservation Institute Acid Free Tissue Paper for Textiles & Costumes